Students often end up piling up a stack of unusable textbooks at home. As summer break approaches, more and more textbooks lose their purpose and the pile of useless textbooks increases.

Consequently, the increasing lump of textbooks takes up space and this is why everyone should get rid of them. What can we possibly do with old textbooks to put them to good use?

Redesign Your Wall Clock

Most wall clocks look boring. One way to spice the look up a bit is by using your textbooks to make it more fashionable. Stick in the pages of your old textbooks to give your wall clock a more abstract touch. With no expenditures, you will be adding a masterpiece in your room.

Books Table Lamp of Knowledge

Make your room livelier by using your old textbooks as table lampstands. Stack them above each other and this will increase the height of your lamp and the range of the light it produces. 

Picture Frames

Picture frames are common decorations in every house. However, they can tend to get so boring and ordinary with the conventional designs that they add nothing valuable to the overall aesthetic of your room. Use your old textbooks by ripping pages and placing it as the borders of the frame. 

E-book Case

This is where art meets practicality, use the cover of your old textbooks to create an artistic case for your e-books. Give your gadget a unique touch by creating an illusion of carrying an actual textbook.

Book Pots for Your Ornaments

Textbooks came from plants and trees and you can recycle yours by using them to grow plants. If you have thick books, you can carve them out and use them as pots for your small plants. Papers usually have a high capacity to hold water and this will be an ideal feature to help your plants get healthy.

Aside from selling your books and making money out of them, there are very many ways for you to make good use of them. From wall clocks to plant pots, books can offer more than what you’d expect from them. Try to open your imagination for other stuff where old textbooks can be reused for.