Not all of us are gifted with writing skills. Some can write an excellent essay under a minute while others cannot finish even after a day. While it is true that writing is more of innate ability, there are ways to help you write better.

  1. Subject.
    It is impossible to write a good essay if you don’t know what exactly the topic is. Remember that you need to form your thoughts cohesively so that you can convey your message clearly. You cannot just afford to play safe and write without a standpoint; otherwise, you’ll just drafting another set of futile words. 
  2. Thesis Statement.
    If you cling to the technical side of writing an essay, you must pay attention to the thesis statement as well. This part of the piece is consist of two components: first is presenting the topic clearly, and second is conveying your viewpoint. 
  3. Body.
    In any writeup, the ‘body’ contains the meat and the gist of your article. Thus, you need to put extra attention to this part. Make sure you laid the details of your arguments in a way that it will convince the readers in no time. Otherwise, you need to write another essay for the rebuttal.

How to be Inspired in Writing

All writers have motives in writing an article. Most of them write for self-fulfillment, others for profit. Whatever the reason is, you really need some inspirations to write well.

  1. Passion.
    This could be a cliché, but this is true. Most of the writers find happiness in writing an article. For these people, writing is a passion that keeps their life meaningful and worthwhile.
  2. Expression.
    Some capitalize on their skills in writing to share their opinions on specific issues. 
  3. Designation.
    At some point, you will be compelled to write because other people told you to do so. Press releases, promotions, and newspaper advertisements are samples of the paid manuscripts.